Freedom Northwest Credit Union

FNWCU Freedom Northwest Credit Union was founded in 1963 by a dedicated group of volunteers and operated under the name Kamiah Community Credit Union until 2016. From very humble beginnings, guided by the vision and strong leadership of committed volunteers, the Credit Union has grown to serve over 5800 members. Freedom Northwest Credit Union now has 75 million in assets and a loan portfolio of over 57 million.

Member Committed

Our main focus and commitment is to our members. We are a member owned financial cooperative and believe that our long-term strategy and decision making must always be justified by the best interests of our member owners. We pledge to treat every member as an individual. Because we understand every member is unique (with a unique set of interests, challenges, and needs) our service and lending approach is flexible. We conform to our members’ needs not the other way around! By rejecting the impersonal, one-size fits all approach, members are treated with respect and a staff that wants to say “YES” and looks to find a way. We foster strong and enduring relationships with our members. At Freedom Northwest Credit Union you can finally feel at home and have professionals on your side, advocating for your interests.

Financial Strength

At Freedom Northwest Credit Union we are steadfastly focused on financial strength. As we manage our growth, lending, technology, personal service, and member advocacy, every strategic decision is evaluated to ensure that we remain financially strong. In good times and bad, members can rest assured that Freedom Northwest Credit Union is rock solid. We have grown our capital at a rate far above our peers, causing our capital position to nearly quadruple over the last 10 years. These results create safety for depositors and expanded service for all members. With better efficiency than our peers, far lower expenses, and sound management of our balance sheet, we are able to pay our members considerably more on deposits, fee members considerably less, and offer a level of personal service, flexible decision making, understanding, and commitment, that has become far too rare in the financial service industry.

“Our strength allows us more independence, more FREEDOM….which translates into personalized, sensible, and local lending decisions for our members!”